On its FM frequencies, the station uses less dynamic range compression of the volume of music than rival station Classic FM . It was founded in 30 September 1967. Frank, I reckon, the best way to listen to BBC Radio 3 and other BBC Radio services is bluetoothing BBC Sounds through WiFi or mobile phone to your hifi unit! BBC Radio Two broadcasts on an FM frequency between 88.1 - 90.2 MHz, this corresponds to a radio wavelength between 3.41m and 3.33m respectively. They’re 3-5 seconds delayed on digital and even longer through the internet. Bringing together 35 radio stations across the world BBC Radio 3, Thursday 10 December, 7.30pm. 35 European Broadcasting Union radio stations in Europe and beyond to join the broadcast, sharing a message of … Here’s a summary of how you can listen to BBC Radio 4: AM radio: LW on 198 kHz and MW on 603, 720, 756, 774, 1449 and 1485 kHz so try each in turn to see which gives the best reception. According to RAJAR, the station has a weekly audience of 137,000 listeners and a 4.6% share as of December 2018. Wiki. BBC Radio 3 marks Global Human Rights Day with the first ever broadcast of Max Richter’s Voices, incorporating text adapted from the 1948 Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. Radio 3 programmes can be listened to live on the Radio 3 Website through the RadioPlayer and BBC iPlayer services; the iPlayer also allows Radio 3 programmes to be heard for 30 days after broadcast. Bitrate: 128 kbps. This channel owned by British Broadcasting Corporation and broadcasts mainly in classic format. Show TV Channels Hide TV Channels TV ; Show Radio Channels Radio 1: 97-99 FM Radio 2: 88-91 FM Radio 3: 90-93 FM Radio 4: 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) BBC Radio 3 is an internet station from London, England. Search the BBC Search the BBC. On 23 November 1978 the BBC's national radio stations changed the medium wave and long wave wavelengths/frequencies on which they broadcast . Genre: classic, culture, jazz, drama. Genome BETA Radio Times 1923 - 2009. BBC Radio Three Counties (3CR) is the BBC Local Radio service for the English counties of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire (referred to as Beds, Herts and Bucks), broadcasting from studios at Grove Park in Dunstable.. What frequency is BBC Radio 3 on? FM radio: Broadcast on 92.5-96.1 and 103.5-104.9 MHz. Frequency: 90 FM – 92 FM. BBC RADIO 3 Format: Classical Music with, World and Jazz Music and Talk United Kingdom (BBC Mux) DABs 12B United Kingdom (see table) FM 90.3 - 92.4, 92.6 Satellite 0103/703, DTT 703, Cable 903 Airdate: 9/1946 as Third Programme with Network 3 (later), Radio 3 … The data rates per channel on the BBC Sounds app is reproducing CD quality sound for each service! 710 BBC World Service 711 The Hits Radio 712 Smash Hits 713 Kiss 714 heat 715 Magic 716 Q 718 SMOOTH RADIO 722 Kerrang! In a world of multiplatform radio, with DAB, FM, HD Radio and radio online, there are many different ways to tune in, whether you want to … 700 BBC Radio 1 701 BBC R1X 702 BBC Radio 2 703 BBC Radio 3 704 BBC Radio 4 705 BBC RSL 706 BBC RSSX 707 BBC 6 Music 708 BBC Radio 4 Ex 709 BBC Asian Net. Owner: BBC.